Yin Yin Post #1: Introduction: Why I started YTT

I had been an avid runner growing up. I didn’t get into yoga until after college. I was
initially drawn to it because it was so different from my normal routine. What kept me
practicing for almost 7 years now is how it continues to challenge me in new ways both
physically and mentally. My favourite part about yoga is how it’s taught me to understand
how my words and actions impact those around me. This heightened sense of self-awareness
has positively impacted not only my practice, but also my work and personal relationships.
What drew me to Yoga Teacher Training was the desire to learn. Yoga Mandala particularly
stood out because I had taken classes there before and loved the ambiance of the studio and
the awesome teachers there. I felt that there was no way 5,000 years of yoga history and
philosophy could be understood in just a simple 1-hour class, regardless of how many classes
I’ve taken over the last 7 years. I’m super excited for what’s in store and hope to share my
journey at Yoga Mandala with others who are also contemplating taking YTT.


Ou Yin Yin
July’19 Weekend YTT