Thank you – Last post, but never the last pose (Han Xiang)

So, this is gonna be my last post to write on this blog for this yoga teacher training.

I’m trying very hard now to think of how not to make this a cliche thank you post. Really hard.

This entire week of teaching and attending classes taught by my fellow coursemates has been a roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs. Imagine meditation, asanas, savasana, meditation again, asanas again then meditation again and this is a song that never endssssss…
Amidst it all, what was apparent was the camaraderie shared by all of us (imagine us rooting for each other in the classes, clocking an average of 4 hours of yoga everyday per person), the amount of sincerity and love put into designing each of those classes and finally, how all this should be attributed to the loving and effective guidance by our instructors Jessica and Alexis.

Jessica is this ball of fun who still manages to push us to our limits. She’s like our mummy, indulgent but strict at the same time. You feel you can joke and be nonsensical with her but suddenly she would demonstrate a funky arm balance and you’d go, “Ok, yes teacher!”

As for Alexis, I always feel her warmth and loving nature but she’s a shy one, hiding that warmth behind her cool-as-cucumber face. She transits from smiley to death stare in the blink of an eye. After a while, you realise that she’s just working really hard in the background for the team and doesn’t have time to play a fool. Hahaha.

Our instructors have really made sure that each individual is just making progress within herself and that there’s no competition among us, allowing us to feel like family. Afterall, family want to see each other excel, right? It’s not a zero sum game, and after this YTT, I believe all of us would be doing well on each of our journeys.

We’ve teared enough.
We’ve hugged enough.
But I want to still seal this YTT with a virtual #GROUPHUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG and #foreheadtoforehead just for remembrance.
I’ll be missing this course so much, too much.

Han Xiang