Taking the leap of faith

It was part of my 2019 resolutions, but it only came into fruition from a random conversation
topic among my friends, that we decided to take the plunge for a YTT program together. After
all, it’s always better to ‘suffer’ with friends than alone.
While my strength and flexibility are decent, I somehow always struggle to attempt those more
advanced poses mainly because of the constraints of a typical yoga class whereby I found
myself lacking awareness of the poses technicalities, lacking opportunities to explore deeper,
lacking proper instructions on how to achieve them, lacking proper guidance and therefore
amassing a huge amount of fear to attempt them safely.
Seemingly stuck in my yoga rut, with no proper trainers to train my alignment nor having found
anyone in whom I dare to put my faith in to further my practice, I thought a YTT will equip me
with the relevant knowledge and skill sets to achieve a deeper yoga practice that will be safe.
While this thought has been deeply rooted in me for the longest time, it only started sprouting
when random conversations with like minded friends gave me the courage to finally take the
plunge, go forth and take charge of my yoga evolution. After all, as the wise proverb goes, if you
want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.
So, here’s to my yoga evolution.

July’19 Weekend YTT