Surviving and Resolute: Shi Qi

The third stage of my YTT experience can be termed as “Surviving and Resolute”. Accepting COVID to
be part of our lives and adapt accordingly to it seems to be the way to go so moving on with the third
stage! This stage of the YTT would be when most sequences comes together to make your life more
tor…ture…. I mean exciting. Just when you thought you nailed the instructions for the standing and
seated sequences, here comes prone and supine sequences plus inversions… It is also a period
whereby the main goal of every practice weekend is to survive till break time (which we pretty much
did, minus the zombie-fied mannerisms afterwards)!


So, what is the resolute part, you might wonder? Throughout the process, I think the resolute comes
from how everyone turned up for practice, made the effort to remember each of the sequence, teach
it and improve on the poses despite the weekday commitment. It comes from trying to practice a
particular pose again and again despite falling multiple times. It is also the realization that: “mind over
body” and “no emotions” when you are in some poses. The practice of yoga transcends beyond the
physical component and having the mental capacity is equally important. At this point in time, the
phrase “you are stronger than you think” comes into play.


What makes this process even more worthwhile is definitely having a group of like-minded people go
through this with you. How everyone celebrated the small or big wins with you, how you learn by
observing each other and how you have your personal group of cheerleaders is such a booster for you
to continue nailing the poses. And even when you fail, you know these people will always be there to
catch you when you fall (figuratively and literally).


Shi Qi
200HR YTT Jul’21 Weekend