Post 2: A Proper alignment?

Honestly, alignment is a topic that I have always been interested in. I want to learn how to adjust someone so that they getting into a ‘proper alignment’ in asanas.

However, today I learnt there is no such thing as ‘proper alignment’.

Everybody is different. Every Body is different too =P.

Jessica has said this over a few lessons already but it’s only today that I starting to understand it better.
“it’s not so much about how you look from the outside, it’s more about how you feel”

A reminder to self to be more mindful about how others are feeling in the asanas rather than trying to get them to reach a certain alignment. If they are not hurting their joints/ muscles, they are fine. If they already engaging their muscles but doesn’t look like it, they are fine.

This also makes me reflect, how we often want to ‘change’ someone or someone’s thinking just from our perception of the person without thinking how the person is already feeling.

Suzanne Ong
RYT200 YTT Feburary 2019 Weekend