Patience and all is coming

Being one of the considerably more seasoned practitioners in my YTT course has given me the rare opportunity to teach my fellow YTT classmates about certain poses. Rare because I hardly consider myself as advanced in any way! One day after YTT we were working on asanas, and someone got frustrated because she wasn’t strong enough or flexible enough to nail the asana.

It reminded me of when I was at that stage of my yoga journey and wanted to be able to do poses NOW. I would end up feeling very discouraged that I wasn’t strong enough, flexible enough or I just couldn’t get the mind-body connection required for the pose. After a while I realised that yoga isn’t about instant gratification, its about the journey to the pose – the diligence, discipline, consistent practice and the patience gained – which makes the result all the more sweeter…

Now when faced with a difficult pose, I’m less worked up about not being able to get it right, because I know that with practice and patience, it will come in time.