I’ve never understood why people rave about meditation – the mental clarity it supposedly gives you, the power to calm your mind, and how “refreshed” you would feel after it. I’ve used meditation apps in the past to help me sleep better, but YTT was the first time I properly and “more actively” tried meditating. I remember my first attempt at meditation leaving me feeling so uncomfortably with my legs all numb and tingly. It honestly felt terrible and I could not have been more distracted by the feeling (or loss of feeling) in my legs. Over the course of YTT, I have tried multiple “tactics” to get better at my meditation practice – these included focusing on my breath, repeating positive affirmations to myself, concentrating on the background music, etc. I still struggle with this, but have also  come to realise that no one “tactic” will be a sure work as the mind and body feels different every single day, and you just have to focus on what feels best for you then.


200 Hour YTT Feb-May’21