Lisa: Understanding the purpose of the pose (Joints & Muscles)

Yoga is not just about getting into that pose, but it really is a lot about engaging the correct
muscles to enter into a particular pose! Came the week where we were introduced to the topic on
joints; internal/ external rotation, extension/ flexion. Then onto the topic on muscles, agonist and
Very often, I would just fit into the shape of the pose without thinking of neither the rotation of the
joints nor the contractions of a particular muscle group(s). It might look correct from the outside
but I was clearly missing the purpose of many yoga poses. I attend dance classes frequent, so I
would find certain poses such as Malasana or poses that require bindings are still manageable. In
the past, I would just sink my bum down low into a full squat and twist with all my might to come
into a bind. Little did I know that twisting before lengthening the spine could hurt the lower back in
the long run.
Understanding the purpose behind a particular pose allowed me to go deeper into it by engaging
the correct muscle group(s). For example wheel pose, the upper back, lower back and the gluteus
are the prime mover of the muscles (agonist!!!) instead of pure arms strength. With these
knowledge, I find myself entering into a pose purposefully with care to reduce the risks of injuries.

200 Hour YTT Nov’19