Invasion of Sanskrit Words – Reiko, RYT200

One day I was trying to memorize Asana names in Sanskrit.


‘Tadasana, mountain pose’

‘Trikonasana, triagle pose’

Easy peasy. I know this.


‘Badda Utthita Parsvakonasana, extended side angle pose’

‘Svarga Dvidasana, bird of paradise’

Ummm, let’s see…. I wonder what comes after these complicated ones.


‘Bharadvajasana 1, seated spinal twist..’

Bara..bara…it sounds like bara-chirashi.


‘Ardha Bheka Sarvangasana, half frog side shoulder stand’ 

Ummm, okay…enough for today. Let’s have a break. It’s time to prepare dinner.


Then, I said to my husband:

‘I think I’m gonna make pasta Amatriciana for dinner. 


He replied me:

‘Pasta Amatriciana? What is that pose?’


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