Heightened body awareness (2)

I learnt something interesting about my body (and my classmates bodies) over the past weekend. We learnt how to spot bodily issues like kyphosis, lordosis, flat back, scoliosis, hip tilt, etc

It was then I discovered have lordosis, C shaped scoliosis and the right side of my body is significantly more dominant than my left.. oh and flat upper back.
What a myriad of issues!

I was particularly intrigued by my lordosis issue because people with lordosis usually have hyperextended knees and the butt and stomach sticks out, i.e. the hip is not aligned. Its the epitome of the bad posture my husband and teachers have told me about countless of times. No wonder I always get called to “tuck my ribs in” and “microbend my knees” because that’s apparently the counter measure for people with this lordosis issue. And no wonder my husband always complains about my posture. He always says that I sit on my stomach or sort of stick my stomach out. (but now i know its because of my spine!)

To counter lordosis, one must learn to realign posture. By tucking the ribs in, it will lessen the curvature in the lower spine and also forces the stomach to be engaged, while microbending the knees will allow flexion in the pelvis instead of letting it jut out.

It was interesting and I was definitely enlightened!

I also further understood the limitations my body had because of my scoliosis. I knew I had this condition during my teens and it wasn’t very serious in my opinion but talking about our spines during YTT brought me full circle to my condition again. I would think the muscular dominance in my right side is also partially brought on by my ) shaped scoliosis. Its no wonder for certain side bends and twists I always found it easier go deeper on my left than on my right. Its more obvious in poses like compass and grasshopper pose. I can do it on my left but only sometimes on my right. Even in my forward bends like prasarita padottanasana and uttanasana, due to the muscular dominance on one side, my right side is higher while the left is more sunken in – so it looks like my hip is tilted. In terms of strength, the left is definitely my weaker side. I’m less stable when i kick up to handstand with the left leg. Similarly in Vasisthasana, I find myself not being able to hold as long on the left than on the right.

Suddenly I feel like I have become more aware of my own bodily condition from this experience, as well as learnt how to look at others. Though I think looking at others really takes experience to know what is what, understanding myself better is a start. I feel like I now know what to work on to better my posture.

Till the next, Namaste!
Janice @jannypenny
Sep 2018 Weekend YTT

(backdated thoughts from 8 October 2018)