Felicia: Sorry, Scoliosis.

I grew up with you and gradually you stood out so much I didn’t like you anymore. So, sorry Scoliosis, I would like you to take your time to assimilate into the body I want.

Whenever a picture was taken of myself, I was usually caught in a weird tilted posture. My right hip would stick out so much, especially when I wear skirts or body-hugging clothes. When I go into a completely relaxed posture, my upper body is literally tilted to one side, and it had obviously gotten worse through the years. Cue sad face.

Inspired by Jessica’s Scoliosis journey through yoga, I decided to learn more about yoga and how it can help me to improve the state of my Scoliosis. I could have gone to a chiropractor or other more clinical solutions but I have always been very drawn to yoga! I am still on the journey of learning more but most importantly, I have become more mindful physically and mentally. I understand the challenges of my body and I accept these challenges. It’s on, Fel!

RYT200 Aug’20 Weekend