Keeping the Ego in check

My wrists aren’t the strongest due to old injuries. Yesterday’s practice was actually very wrist intensive. We did 20 rounds of sun salutations (which I completely lost count!), did many jump-throughs, jump back from side crow many times as well as learned the 8-angle pose. And truth be told, I am actually pretty proud of myself for making the conscious effort NOT to overdo the asanas. In fact, I stuck to doing the arm balances only once or twice and simply watched the rest do their thing. To me, observing Jessica teach is also a good lesson!

I don’t used to be like this, in the past, I would have tried to repeatedly challenge myself even if it hurts, for very superficial reasons like trying to look cool, or to take a nice satisfactory photo for the gram, or to show off, or to ‘improve’. Perhaps age is catching up, or perhaps Dylan Werner’s message of “getting sharp pains/injuries from overdoing something will instead set us back in our practice” finally got to my brain after so long. It is definitely more important to have a consistent practice, then a one-off strong practice.

Soo Hui
200 Hour YTT Oct’20