What to watch out as a newbie yoga instructor

Start to be a yoga instructor can be either exciting or anxious to different people.I believe as long as you have been practicing yoga routinely for more than two years and had gotten the YTT200 certificate,  that means you are ready to go. Teaching experience is important but not limitation. You can develop your own […]

What I have achieved in these three months YTT200 course

Remember the first day attending YTT200 course, Jessica was asking us what we expected to achieve after complete YTT200 course. My intention to take up YTT200 course is to teach among my friends . And for myself I hope I can do all those inversion pose without leaning against the wall and middle split. How […]

Good habits while practicing yoga

I would like to share some good habits with all the yoga practitioners which help us enhance our yoga practice. 1. When we practice yoga, everyone’s body is different. Yoga is not a difficult asana competition. Each process is a kind of asana, if we keep comparing with other and not listen to our own […]

How can we do yoga gracefully?

In yoga practice, people love to pursue those difficult postures blindly, including myself:) I have no patience to repeat those fundamental postures day by day. Just wanna get to do split or inversion immediately. Frankly speaking, I don’t even bother to do pranayama breathing during my routine practice. Also not keen to keep doing surya […]

How to stay hydrated before and after yoga class?- Shivonne

I would like to share how to stay hydrated while practicing yoga. I am kind of people easily get thirsty and dehydrated especially doing exercise or staying outdoor. It has become a habit to bring a water bottle along wherever I go . However, many yoga instructors discourage drinking water during the yoga class. Many […]

Do you hyperextend your joints?- Shivonne

I would like to share a common mistake that many regular yoga practician used to make. While attending yoga class, we always heard the instructor say , “Don’t overextend your elbows” or “Do not lock your knees”. However,people usually overlook it and end up injuring themselves . What dose overextend or hyperextend actually mean in […]