Sylvia: Sep 12-13 Weekend – More than just the physical

More than halfway into YTT, I wanted to reflect on this journey so far, before these fleeting thoughts and emotions
escape me. Motivation to do physical activity has never been a problem for me – I try to maintain a daily practice; I
challenge myself to learn new things; I push myself enough, but not too much. Asana has saved my sanity – a 'moving
meditation' could not be a more accurate way to describe the physical practice of Yoga. But, that’s just it – I've only
been looking at the physical practice.

But is it Is it because the society we live in today applauds, first and foremost, tangible results? Perhaps; but I think
we resort to physical things because they are easy (or easier). Inner-growth, emotional and mental health kicked to
the curb because they are hard, they bring out things we don't want to confront, to accept or admit. Self-love is not a
value that is deep-rooted in Asian culture.

YTT has forced me to look at the non-physical aspects of not just Yoga, but of life. I've learnt that the physical Asana
practice is only 1/8 of Yoga; the rest of the 7/8 focus on non-physical practice, and how to be a good, decent, and
compassionate human being; to love others as you love yourself. Whilst the commercial world has packaged and
presented Yoga to the world in a very limited light – either zenning in Padmasana or to the other extreme of near-
contortionist backbending – I would like to make a promise to the Yoga community that I will do my best to spread the
word of all that Yoga embodies.

RYT200 Aug’20 Weekend