Rosetti: Reflection on my First Teaching Experience

First of all, I really want to thank you all YTT mates and Jess for the support,
encouragement and constructive suggestions that have given for my first yoga
class in life 🙂 Preparing this 60-minute class was not easy, and it definitely
took more time than it looks – from thinking of the sequence, what instruction /
variations should be given, to how should I space myself in front of the
camera etc. But you all made me realize that we are doing this together! –
And this actually has kept me going during the preparation process, as I really
wanted to give my best I can to you all for the mock class!

More importantly, the preparation process made me reflect on how I started
yoga, and of course all those (more challenging) poses, eg. Arm-balancing
poses and inversions, which I could not do 6 weeks ago when YTT just
started (!!) and now today I was actually planning a class that could
incorporate all these poses – Yoga is a journey / process that requires
time, efforts, dedications and perseverance; and it reminds me that so
does life. When I reflect upon my life – though it was not long so far, but it
has came all the way to where I am now, through all the up and down times,
or even something I had not thought I could overcome – these are all the
things that make our lives all unique and maybe, worth living for.

The end results (eg those instagram-able poses or some milestones /
achievements in life) maybe nice and good, but what is more important /
precious maybe is what we give / take and how we have been improving /
learning in the process.

Be in the present & enjoy the process – in every yoga practice / moment in life
– present is a gift 🙂

Feb’20 Weekend YTT