Teaching is hard. I never had much issues with public speaking nor
presentations but teaching a practice like yoga is a whole other ball game.
There are so many things I noticed about myself:
– Staying present (panic!)
o It’s so hard to stay present! I think the reason I flustered was
because I haven’t fully memorized the sequence and the
moment I saw the class got confused, I majorly panicked on the
inside – possibly thinking I’m just messing everything else up.
o Don’t let your panic show! It’s not a good look.
– How to divide attention
o Maybe I care too much? I feel like I need to adjust everyone but
in a class (only 6), it is so hard to focus just on the “weaker
o Need to let go. You can’t adjust all, you can only do what you

– Don’t lose sight of the intention
o My initial intention was for a power-circuit style class but I think it
really affected me when I saw my classmates really struggling to
get into the poses. I thought I needed to regress everything but
in my panic, I couldn’t think of the regressions. In turn, allowing
myself to fall into this panic.
o Focus on what you initially set out to do. FOCUS!
– MUSIC! Makes a world of difference but I didn’t have it today. #sigh

200 Hour YTT Nov’19