I’ve never been told to “tuck my ribs” until this YTT. This was a foreign term to
me! I’ve only heard “”tuck your tailbone to engage your core” but never the
ribs. I also never knew how “loose” my ribs were! I always thought my core
was engaged, but I was so wrong.
I always feared backbends because every time I did it, it hurt my lower back.
Teachers always talked about back opening, strength and flexibility in the
back for backbends. I knew I had a flexible back but even doing camel used to
hurt if I do it multiple times. We did wheel today and I felt zero strain or pain
because we have had a week and a half of rib tucking. I never knew (was not
aware) it was because my ribs were flared and they didn’t FEEL flared before
but now that I’m more aware of this and consciously tuck it in as much as
Body awareness is so important! I can only hope for this for my future

200 Hour YTT Nov’19