How to apply yoga to your everyday life

Yoga is not just about getting fit, it’s a way of living. There are so many ways to apply a yoga mindset to every moment of our lives.

First thing that comes to mind is the posture awareness. I try to pause throughout the day to check my alignment and body weight distribution.

We can practice yoga anytime in any place. It might be at our office desk, on public transport, or in bed. We can do some stretching, spinal twists, breathing exercises, anything that makes us feel better.

What else can we do?

Seek balance – like in many asanas we are looking for a balance, the spiritual balance is no less important  – to worry less about little details and enjoy each present moment more. To find balance between what we have to do and what we want to do.

We can also use breathing  – to help release stress and to soothe anxiety. Deep breathing enables us to push through a challenging pose or a period of anger/irritability.

Regular yoga practice helps with our self-control, which makes us work on our habits – exercise regularly, appreciate good rest, eat healthier.

Yoga teaches us to treat ourselves and others around us better. Sometimes we are too busy to listen to other’s needs, wishes or worries. We should love ourselves but remember to be there for other people too. Let’s keep our compassion and kindness on the ready.

There are so many more ways to live better lives physically and spiritually with the help of yoga.

« Yoga is not a work-out, it’s a work-in …»

Sofia Lesin
200 Hour YTT Jan’21