3rd November 2018


This is something that my yoga teacher always says, and it connects with me.

In this world where we are surrounded by Instagram worthy pictures, we often are in awe by how flexible or strong the practitioner is. These practitioners seem to be able to get into the asanas effortlessly.
We end up chasing these so-called advanced postures. However, we forget that behind all these postures, they have placed a lot of hard work to get there. They have probably gone through the foundational postures millions of times before nailing these ‘advanced’ poses.

We all started from the bottom once. We all were that timid little girl or boy hiding at the corner of the class on our very first yoga practice. We all once raised our hands up indicating that we were beginners. We still have asanas that are completely unfathomable to us. We still fall. We still fear.

However, we stick through. We keep practising. We turn up time and again on our mats. We make the effort. Our practice may not be as advanced as we like it to be, but we are improving. Little by little.

And one day, what might seem like pure insanity would be effortless to us. Let us enjoy the process of it all, however long or short it may take.

It is a reminder that hard work pays off.

Melissa @issa_lem