CP: Yoga Journey – YTT

2018, I met a colleague who had been certified as a yoga trainer. We have the same topic— YOGA!
Under her influence, I decided to signup for YTT. She recommended me few yoga studio which is
providing teacher training course and remind me to choose a yoga studio which is registered under Yoga

My colleague sent me the contact of lead trainer, Jessica from Yoga Mandala upon my request after I
saw a early bird discount from TYM IG story. Jessica invited me to go over her studio to know more
detail on the course.

After talked to me about 20min, in my heart had made a decision, 90% to signup YTT in TYM. 90%
consists of lead trainer characteristic and the way she explained about yoga to me (my woman 6 senses
told me she will be a great teacher, nice voice and will not make me fall asleep when listen to the
theory), studio’s window nice to take photo and upload to Instagram! What about the 10%? Why 10%
exist in my mind for not signing up? Well, very simple. I need to sacrifice my weekend sleeping time! I
have to wake up as early as weekday!

However, my inner body’s angel told me, dear…it is just 3 months.
Ok, fine, deal.

YTT begin in 1 st Aug 2020 (memorable date)
“No Pain No Gain”

RYT200 Aug’20 Weekend