Alicia: 3 Tuck ribs in, tuck tailbone in, engage, retract, protract (on repeat)

These were the words that kept repeating everyday. Jess pointed out that
most of us were always busy getting into the shape of the pose that we forget
how our own body works. We knew where our ribs were but we didn’t know
exactly how to use or work it. How much tucking in the ribs in that same pose
can make one feel so much more, working so much more in the body. We knew
we had to raise our arms above our head but what were we supposed to feel?

And then TADA, slowly everything made sense why Jess kept repeating
‘Tuck ribs, tuck tailbone, engage, retract, protract’ throughout the past few
weeks, with all this it made our body feel lighter in poses and we could feel the
effects of the pose on our body.

Alicia Ho
200 Hour YTT Nov’19