Pranayama – Zenn

After I learned about 6 breathing techniques of yoga in YTT class, I realized that breathing is not as easy
as what I thought. What we’ve learnt in class are the basic breathing techniques, while there’re many
more techniques that need times to explore and learn.

Our breath is one of the best defenses against our daily stress and frustration. Once we learn and deep
into the art of expert inhaling and exhaling, you will find the peace and feel better of yourself. Here’s my
top three favorite breathing techniques:

Also known as ocean breathing. This technique is both inhalation and exhalation are done through nose
with lips close. Constricting the back of the throat create the noise. It’s suitable for everyone. Good for
calming and balancing our body.

This breathing technique known as skull shining cleansing technique, is one of active deep breathing
among hatha yoga that helps to heat and waken the body. It’s made up of two Sanskrit words: Kapal
means ‘skull’, and Bhati means ‘shining’. It can improve the functioning of all abdominal organs.

3. Bhramari
My most favorite breathing technique! Known as bee breath and perform as humming sound of a bee! It
can calm your mind down instantly. Definitely undeniable one of the best breathing technique to
distress as it rids the mind of frustrations and even help for having a good sleep at night.
Breathing is somethings that we have to do regularly and every single day. Pay attention to breath and
practice. These 3 techniques really helped me a lot of times to calm down my buzzing mind and
thoughts. Ommm…

Zenn Lim
200 Hour YTT Oct’20