#1 Sheena

One day before YTT, I had a sleepless night as I was super excited to start this YTT course. I was looking forward to it yet worried at the same time because I am neither a morning person nor someone that exercises often. On the first week of YTT, it was more of an introduction on Sanskrit, breathing techniques and sun salutation poses. It sounds normal but the sun salutation part was a torture to me due to my tight hamstring, inflexibility and lack of strength. I was in pain after my first week course, but nonetheless it was a happy pain. I had a better understanding of the meaning of the poses and how it benefits my body. Even though I’ve been practicing yoga for less than a year, I was just following blindly during lessons. This YTT definitely equips us with better knowledge and understanding, it allows me to do the poses with intention.
200 Hour YTT Oct’20