#1: 2nd day of YTTC

Today marks the second day of my 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training and muscles are already screaming for help. Despite the tough nearly 2 hours yoga sequence that we have to complete for all the mornings, I was amazed by how fast I have improved on and learnt within just 2 days to the course at IHA Yoga.

Kakasana, or otherwise known as crow pose, has never been on my to-do list during yoga. Even though I practiced yoga for about a year now, and have consulted teachers and watched countless number of Youtube videos on how to do a proper Kakasana, I was unable to lift up my legs due to the wrong technique and the wrong alignment of my body. However, the first day at IHA Yoga proved me wrong. Lifting up and maintaining even that teeny weeny second has become an achievement.

The other pose that I found difficulty doing was Sirsasana A, in laymen term, the headstand. Like what I did for Kakasana, that countless number of videos has never worked for me. Conquering the fear of going upside down is one thing, but to maintain the balance while on the headstand, I thought I could never do it. Yet, the techniques that both our instructors gave were clear. ‘Flex the abs, lift up the legs one by one, straightening the body, shoulders away from ears’, it wasn’t easy. But being able to hold a headstand for at least 10 seconds on the 2nd day of the course, I am elated, and definitely can’t wait for more headstands to come.

My yoga journey began after getting inspired by one of my friends, and following Laura Sykora on instagram who has beautiful poses. I used to consider yoga a form of exercise. However, yoga changed everything when my life went downhill 6 months back. I obtained patience and calmness, and accepting life as it is after going for yoga daily during that period of time. It was then that I realize I have to pass on the yoga knowledge to more people, which got me signing up for YTT.

[Estee Ng, YTTC Hatha Vinyasa June’15 Weekday]